Tails From The Cat Shop

Great new book out from Storm! Must Read! Click on the picture to buy.

Fantasy meets Reality in Cyberspace, in a world where our online and offline experiences, friendships and even, our identities are excitingly entangled. Avatars are extensions of us, leading lives parallel to our own dull everyday existence. There are no limits to our Virtual Lives and we are free to live in any World we choose. Having a Virtual Life sets you free to dream and some dreams do come true.

Storm and Dude are partners. In spite of the fiercely opposing time zones, they meet and fall in love on the dance floor of the Junkyard Blues Club in the Virtual World of Second Life. They begin collecting breedable cats and their Second Life gets very crowded, so together they open Not Another Kitten, a Cat Shop in Cyberspace. Then the Cat Shop meets the University and both Worlds collide with laughter.

Meet the Divine Penny, the Italian-speaking Siamese cat, with the delicate chocolate paws, and find out if Professor Poppett’s poodle recovers from ‘indoor barking syndrome’. Go on an adventure in the alligator infested bayou to hunt for the Golden Kitten and find out why love always wins the day.

tails book

Quite an achievment. Started as a blog and became a book. Well done Storm very proud of you!

Heres the URL again : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFRFR7G

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Sigh revisted

I took down the previous post due to objections. No one saw it except a good friend of mine and my partner.  Here it is abridged. Its a shame people don’t leave comments. What are they frightened of?
bkgtxtThought I better revamp my site. The old site is here I still have my commitment to poverty and I am still working on being extraordinary:  feeling alone. I realise that  we all are alone when it comes down to it. “Be thou an island unto thyself O Ananda” The Buddha’s last words to his chief disciple.

Loneliness – sabishisa or sabi, is profoundly important for haiku. Sometimes arising out of our well known solitary sadness, it is a state of empathy, of interpenetration, with all things. Loneliness is actually sought by the haiku poet so that he may be open to sabi. One of Basho’s haiku is addressed to a mountain bird, always heard in the distance, whose cry augurs rain:

Ah kankadori,
Deepen thou
My loneliness

Not sure if I like this theme but as usual I have no one to ask if its ok. So I can only persist in my folly. What the fuck I’ll keep trying. I will never give up in trying to make the world better than when I left it. I am a voice crying in the wilderness. No one hears, no one listens. Sigh.

So eCollege is looking good very proud of that site. I have high hopes of it. Its very sophisticated and has many features especially being mobile friendly. I will be pushing it shortly on LinkedIn through the RSA. It looks very good in my second life profile. I need to come up with lesson plans; they are there still haven’t got them down yet. I will ask for requirements I think. People should have Microsoft Design and Web. I will teach how to get a self hosted web site up and running. I can train people up and then “Train the trainers” so it is self perpetuating.

If you want to help please fill out the form below and we can get started. You can Skype me dude.starship ask for eCollege details and we can do something. The Internet is now part of our lives ever thought you should be a part of its?

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