Stop Press: Merkel calls Obama about ‘US spying on her phone’ AND EU to hold Brussels summit amid US spying row

The National Security Agency is monitoring YOU. You Internet activity and mobile phone use. So what next? Perhaps:

New from the NSA: Internal Patriot Discovery from MarkFiore on Vimeo.

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Here is the post:

While everyone was paying attention to the government shutdown and the imminent default of the United States, the NSA hits keep coming! After it came out that the National Security Agency had started gathering data on US citizens’ social media accounts, it seemed that now they were watching, well . . . everything.

After phones, email and social networks, what was left to surveil? You’ll have to watch the cartoon to find out, but while I was working on this animation, the story broke that the NSA is also siphoning up your email address books, among other things.

It seems like every day there is a new story about another way the NSA is watching us. Always with a connection to a foreign intelligence purpose, of course, and always only metadata and other thingies you really needn’t worry about. Carry on.

Now there are so many of these news stories and anti-privacy revelations, they seem to be losing their power to shock. Sigh, just another way the government is watching us, that Snowden guy is old news, who cares. I only hope this cartoon doesn’t become a reality like the recent Sammy Salmonella episode. You can find more links to the stories behind the cartoon on my web site, but in the meantime, like, share, comment and be sure to say hello to Agent(s) X who are no doubt listening in!

First, there was “Total Information Awareness,” then, the “Information Dominance Center,” then PRISM, X-Keyscore and Boundless Informant.

We then used cell towers and GPS tracking, then monitored social media connections, bank and insurance information (but only metadata, of course).

Now, we unveil our most advanced program ever: “Internal Patriot Discovery!”

Data-mining has never been so powerful, and so pointed.

With I.P.D. smart-probe technology, rather than comb through personal data looking for terrorists, we look for patriots, and determine who are the terrorists by process of elimination!

And while all of our previous programs were classified, with Internal Patriot Discovery, we welcome the public.

Come, prove your patriotism by voluntarily submitting to I.P.D., so that we may eliminate you from our list of terrorists.

The Internal Patriot Discovery smart probe was designed by General Keith Alexander himself, so you can be sure it will be a perfect fit . . . for Democracy!

You can find an I.P.D. center near you and begin the quick, painless process of discovering your inner patriot!

Show the world you’re not a terrorist!

Or, if you value your privacy, we’ll be glad to send an NSA I.P.D. installation team to your home.

Either way, we’ll make it easy for you to prove you’re not a terrorist!

So make your appointment today, or better yet, we’ll make one for you!

With Internal Patriot Discovery, we’ll make America safe from the inside out!

Better hurry, the first fifty-thousand people to sign up will receive a tube of “General Alexander’s EZ-In!,” formulated for maximum smart probe comfort!

(EZ-In offer not good for foreigners, journalists or government whistleblowers.)
Originally posted to Comics on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 06:50 AM PDT.
Also republished by Daily Kos.

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