But also a nice bit of tech. My computer won’t display moving pictures. After extensive tests it seems the sockets for RAM are faulty. The moment any load is placed on the computer it freezes requiring a hard reboot. Second Life is impossible. It will take at least a month to three before I can get a new PC. This is unacceptable. I would lose my job as a host and possibly my girlfriend. I knew an iPad was out of the question as it wouldn’t run sl. So a tablet was the way to go. I bought three. The first one was from Debenhams the Intenso for €90 however it was somewhat low spec so I sent it back. The second was from Irulu this had a hdmi connection, keyboard and network socket. After researching it I cancelled the order. It didn’t have the memory or processor.

ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. Cost €125. The sl client is Lumiya and you can find it here


This is a nice bit of tech. It is very fast and runs aps effortlessly. One problem with sl tho is the space for the display: As you can see the 3D view is confined to a very small window. However one feature of the ASUS that was a selling point was that it had bluetooth. My planned PC has bluetooth so I thought it would be handy.


I found a bluetooth keyboard for £25. Its great little bigger than the ASUS itself comes with a carrying case. It has been designed for the ASUS. Installation is very easy and despite the instructions saying you have to install it each time the unit powers of this is not the case. It works really well. So the screen I end up with is :


It took a few sessions to master it and there are some shortcomings but still learning. All in all its great and will keep me going till i get my new PC. I networked it and have complete access to my PC hard disk and USB drives.I watch movies on it streamed over the wifi.

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