Whoopee! I have a new computer.

Dell i7 – 4770 Intel processor up to 3.9 GHz
, this is the fastest processor I could find on the Dell. There was an Alienware that went up to 4 GHz but the rest of the spec was not so good,

32 GB RAM, I researched this and at the moment it is far in excess of what most applications need so this is future proofing.

256GB Solid State Drive, my first choice was a HDD with a 32 gig SSD cache but on investigation the system can have only one SSD so I thought its better to get a large drive and forgo Intels Smart Response Technology that swaps to a 32GB SSD.

3TB Hard Disk Drive
, 3 terabytes may seem huge but I download and watch lots of movies at blue ray quality I bought a 2 TB USB HDD and after 6 months had filled three quarters of it.

Radeon R7 2 GB DDR5,
This is the only thing I would have liked to have a more powerful card. But I researched it and its a good card. I can always upgrade.

27 inch Dell Monitor.
This is a lovely monitor of the Dell Professional class. It is very bright and I am running at 75% brightness and contrast which is great. It has full pivot so can be be watched in portrait.

Sweet! Here’s a pic of the monitors my “0ld” 22 inch is on the left my new 27 inch is on the right.


The whole system is very fast with the solid state hard disk, boot time is around 8 TO 10 seconds. The problems I encountered were primarily not being able to run Second Life without crashing and not being able to process video capture of Camtasia Studio, especially at high resolutions. Both these problems have been resolved. I can now capture over two screens and run second life over two screens. Here is a video I made as a test:

So in summary I am delighted with my new system which includes two more speakers and a sub woofer. I also have a Windows 8, track pad which I haven’t got working properly yet. I have my doubts about Windows 8 and spend most of my time in desktop mode. Not sure I understand the Charms, seems to be long winded to get anywhere.

Here is my performance score, in my old system the overall school was 5.4 due to a slow hard disk. Memory and processor were 7.1. Windows 8 no longer has a GUI interface for performance but it still exists using power shell:

CPUScore : 8.3
D3DScore : 8.4
DiskScore : 8.15
GraphicsScore : 8.4
MemoryScore : 8.3
WinSPRLevel : 8.15
PSComputerName : PHILIP

You won’t get much better than that as in windows 7 the top score possible was 7.4.

ref Windows 8 Performance Indicator: http://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/find-your-windows-experience-index-scores-in-windows-8-1/

So in summary :WOW!!!!!

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